Sex Crimes Defense Client Testimonials

At Berlin Law Firm, our priority is secure, successful clients. Here, we share what former clients have to say about the premiere service and aggressive representation that helped them achieve their goals. Browse these testimonials to learn more.

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  • My son got caught having sex with his now ex-girlfriend who was unfortunately a minor. His charges were reduced to a misdemeanor.

    My son got caught having sex with his now ex-girlfriend (also a teen) who was unfortunately also a minor.  He was arrested and going to be charged with a crime that threatened to send him to prison for more than 20 years and he would have to register as a sex offender for life.  It would have ruined his life before it could really even begin.  Mr. Berlin treated us with kindness and respect.  He reassured us of his dedication to help and went to work tirelessly.  In the end it was nothing less than a miracle from God.  His charges were reduced to a misdemeanor.  Plus her parents can never try to come after him about this again.  When this began I felt like my son's life was being taken away and I had lost him.  Now I feel as if his life is saved and I have my son back.  Thank you Mr. Berlin, I can never express enough how grateful I am for everything you did to save my son.

  • Lee took the weight off my shoulders and placed it upon his own

    In the beginning of my case, I went a cost-effective route with an attorney that I thought could do what is needed before I needed to bring in Lee... people, this is your life! Do not make a foolish mistake by not seeking and retaining the very best from the start. Before I was introduced to Lee I was restless, fatigued, and lost. After a consultation, Lee lifted the weight off my shoulders and placed it upon his own. Money is an object that we earn. Your time left on Earth, however, is a gift that fades. Contact The Berlin Law Firm, before your gift is taken away from you altogether.

    Justin U.
  • Lee let me know up front that my case would be tough.

    Lee answered all of my questions, let me know my case would be tough but he would do the best he could. He spent his time discussing every part of my case.

  • Took care of my case very quickly because he's great at what he does

    I had an assault & battery case and I called Lee Berlin to take care of my case and he did an amazing job.  Not only that, but he makes you feel welcoming, is very professional, gives you advice, explains everything and took care of my case very quickly!  Which I knew he would because he's great at what he does!

  • Someone who is there for me and on my side

    Mr. Berlin put me at immediate ease.  It is nice to know someone else is there for me and on my side.

  • I look forward to the outcome of working with Mr. Berlin

    Mr. Berlin was very professional and help explain everything that was going on.  I look forward to the outcome of working with Mr. Berlin.

    Chris - Current Client
  • Intelligent, focused and caring attorney

    I traveled 2.5 hours to meet with Lee Berlin. I was helped by not only Lee but also his office manager. Upon my first impression of Lee. He is an intelligent, focused and caring attorney. His attention is solely on you and what he can possibly do to help. He is a very straight to the point type of person. Which in my case is just what is needed.I would highly recommend Lee Berlin to anyone who is having any sexual oriented type of case.

    Rosanna H.
  • I felt of value

    Listened to me and well treated as a human and fellow man. Its be along while since I have felt like someone of value. He is a good man and treated me with respect. He has knowledge and skills in areas most don't. He is simply amazing. Thank you Lee for your kind support and helping in such a difficult time.

    Bento D.
  • Honest, Knowledgeable, and very helpful

    Lee was honest, knowledgeable and very helpful. I highly recommend to anyone needing his assistance. He explains things and doesn’t sugarcoat them. Not once did I feel like he wasn’t doing what was best for me.

    Cierra Gonzales Former Client
  • You feel secure knowing Lee is in control of your case

    Lee is not like most attorneys.  He calls you back, he makes time for you and let's you know he truly cares about you and your case.  You feel secure knowing Lee is in control of your case.   He is a good guy and I can see why his clients love him so much.  I highly recommend Mr. Berlin.

    Jess Moe former client