What Does It Mean to Be Charged With Solicitation of a Minor?

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The crime of solicitation of a minor, also known as lewd or indecent proposal to a child under 16 exists under the lewd molestation statute. The crime occurs when an individual makes lewd or indecent proposals to a child under age of 16—proposals that the child have unlawful sexual conduct or intercourse with any person. Despite the typically nonviolent nature of the crime, it is considered a felony under Oklahoma state law. In order to defend yourself in court, you will need an experienced sex crimes lawyer in your corner.

The lewd molestation statute also includes the concept of online solicitation, a criminal offense of using electronic communications to make a lewd or indecent proposal to any child under the age of 16, or believed to be under the age of 16, for the purpose of the child having unlawful sexual conduct or intercourse with any person. The proposal can be oral or in writing and includes using a chat room, social networks, email, mobile apps or programs, cell phones, computers, mobile devices, and the like to communicate.

What Penalties Could You Face for Solicitation of a Minor?

Sentencing ranges for lewd proposal of a child under 16 include:

  • Three to 20 years in prison.
  • A prison term of 25 years to life if the child who is solicited is under age 12.
  • Sex offender registration for life.
  • Fines and court costs.
  • Sex offender assessments and treatment.

Each sentencing range will also take into account previous convictions the defendant may have. If the defendant has a criminal record, even if it does not involve any sex crimes, his punishments may be enhanced.

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