What Are the Possible Sentences for Child Pornography in Oklahoma?

A child pornography charge is a serious offense. Conviction on a child pornography charge can result in time in prison and financial penalties. The penalties for child pornography, based on the case and the particular crime committed, can become more severe the greater the degree of the offense.

Specific Punishments for Child Pornography in Oklahoma

Under Oklahoma Code sections 1021(d), 1021.2(a), and 1021.3(a), someone who is incarcerated for a two years or longer has to be overseen and managed for a period of time after release from jail. This does not include individuals who are incarcerated for life. The Oklahoma Code also states that if an individual purchases, acquires, or owns pornographic images of a child (with “child” defined as any person younger than 18 years old), he will be subject to a felony indictment. A conviction can result in up to five years’ incarceration in prison, a financial penalty of $5,000 maximum, or both prison time and the financial penalty.

But that’s not the worst punishment that can be assessed.

An individual can receive the penalty of incarceration in prison for a minimum of 10 years and maximum 30 years if the individual gave, administered, or displayed pornographic images to a child, or deliberately helped a minor carry out such acts. If the crime involves a child who is younger than 12, the penalty is 25 years minimum in incarceration in prison. The law also notes that if an individual is found guilty, he will not be qualified for a postponed verdict.

The law also states that if an individual makes a child take part in child pornography, it is a felony charge. This applies to an individual who intentionally owns, purchases, makes, and sells pornographic images of a child. The penalty is incarceration for up to 20 years and a financial penalty of up to $25,000. An individual can receive the financial penalty and jail time at the same time. An individual who is guilty of the crimes outlined in section 1021.2(a) can't have his verdict postponed.

If the parent or the person that has legal custodianship and supervision of a child deliberately allows the child to take part in pornographic activities, he or she is guilty of a felony, according to Oklahoma laws. The punishment for the crime is 20 years maximum spent in prison and a financial penalty of up to $25,000. A person convicted of this felony will not be allowed to have the verdict postponed.

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