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Attorney Lee Berlin

Charged With a Sex Crime or Domestic Assault & Battery? We're Ready to Get Started on Your Defense

It’s more common than you may think. Someone, possibly a family member, has accused you of a special victim crime—a sex crime, child sexual abuse, or domestic assault and battery. Maybe the police have come around mentioning serious allegations. Perhaps you don’t remember much about a night out, but you have a bad feeling you did something that could result in legal charges. Perhaps you sent a text or email you probably shouldn’t have, or your involvement in a social network has been questioned.

Maybe you even did something you know was wrong, but you don’t want to go to prison.

It doesn’t matter which one of these situations most closely matches your circumstances. Any of them will turn your life upside down. Everything you know—your daily life, your plans, your future, your family, your job, your children, your reputation, your savings, and your freedom—is in serious jeopardy. The fear can paralyze you, and it can sap every bit of enjoyment out of your life. The confusion and uncertainty can be overwhelming.

You just want this to all go away, to wake up from this horrifying, vivid nightmare. You don’t want to go to prison. That terrible accusation is not who you are. One lapse in judgment should not ruin your life. You want and deserve a second chance.

You definitely need help, and you need it now.

While the situation may seem overwhelming, it is possible to get past this difficult time. However, to do so, you must start on your defense immediately. The cost of inaction is much too high a price to pay when facing these charges.

The obstacles to picking up the phone and calling an attorney are significant. They can include money concerns, embarrassment, misunderstanding of the law, fear, anger, a belief that you can take care of this yourself, or simply just not wanting to face the reality of the situation. But the stakes are incredibly high. Reach out before it's too late. Find the right help today to ensure your success tomorrow. 

Answers, Solutions, and Peace of Mind for Tulsa Clients Charged With a Special Victim Crime

Defense attorney Lee Berlin is here to help you find a way to move forward successfully with your life. At the Berlin Law Firm, Lee dedicates his practice solely to the defense of those charged with sex crimes, domestic assault and battery, and child sexual abuse crimes in Oklahoma. His specific focus, highly specialized training, and education combined with years of experience have helped countless individuals who have been where you are. Fill out our contact form or call our Tulsa office today to learn more about Lee and to schedule a confidential consultation today.

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Facing legal charges for a special victim crime—a sex crime, child sexual abuse, or domestic assault and battery—is overwhelming and stressful. Your entire future is at stake, and defense attorney Lee Berlin understands the consequences for you and your family. That’s why he provides focused, personalized, and effective representation for those in Oklahoma. A former prosecutor, Lee draws on his years of experience and intimate knowledge of the law to fight to protect you.

Being charged with a sex crime in Oklahoma can have a devastating effect on your life. Your relationships, your employment, and your future can all be at stake, and you need legal help now from an experienced sex crimes attorney. While it can be difficult to take that first step and reach out to an attorney, taking action today offers you the best chance at a secure and successful future. At the Berlin Law Firm, attorney Lee F. Berlin dedicates his legal practice solely to the defense of those facing charges for sex-related offenses and other related special victim crimes. His focus and experience as a former prosecutor offer his clients unmatched representation. Any criminal conviction can cause lasting and significant consequences to your life, but facing a charge for a sex crime against a child can be among the most serious. Children are protected tenaciously by the courts, and those accused of causing them harm are aggressively prosecuted. For the parents, teachers, caretakers, and others who are accused, the allegations can be personally and legally devastating. While it can feel overwhelming and scary, it is possible to fight your charge and move forward with your life. The first and most important step is to contact an experienced and knowledgeable attorney. Aggressive and tenacious in the courtroom, Lee knows what it takes to be successful in these cases, and he works tirelessly to make that happen. If you have been charged with a sex crime or worry you are being investigated, don’t wait to get legal help. Call our Tulsa office or fill out the contact form on this page to connect with Lee and get started protecting yourself today.
If someone's filed a protective order against you or you've been charged with a domestic violence-related crime, you need top-notch legal representation—and not just any attorney will do. You need an exceptionally skilled lawyer who knows Oklahoma's complex domestic abuse laws inside and out and has a track record of success to prove it. Fortunately, you've come to the right firm. Lee Berlin is an experienced criminal defense attorney who only represents clients accused of special victim crimes like domestic assault and battery. Schedule a private consultation to find out what the Berlin Law Firm can do for you.

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Attorney Lee Berlin

Why Choose Us

Facing criminal charges for child sexual abuse, a sex crime, or domestic assault and battery? If you're convicted, one thing is certain: Your life will never be the same. Not only could you wind up in jail or prison, but you could lose your reputation, career, family, and even the right to own or possess a firearm.

With so much at stake, who you choose to represent you in this time of need is one of the most important decisions you'll ever make—and not just any warm body with a law license will do. You need someone with experience and insight into this exceptionally complex area of law. You need Lee Berlin, the only private criminal defense attorney in Oklahoma with a boutique practice solely focused on defending clients accused of special victim crimes.

Here's what you get when you hire Berlin Law Firm to represent you:

  • Experience on both sides of the aisle. Before he was a criminal defense attorney, Lee worked as a prosecutor, so he understands how they think. He knows how they charge and prosecute cases, the kinds of theories and evidence they'll present, and what witnesses they'll put on the stand—and he puts that extensive insider knowledge to work for you.
  • Time and attention your case demands. Lee doesn't take every case that comes through the door. He limits the number of clients he accepts so that every case he does take receives the proper attention. Not only is Lee personally involved in every case, he's backed by a dedicated team that includes a skilled paralegal and litigation specialist.
  • A unique defense system you won't find anywhere else. The Berlin Defense System is a proprietary 10-point plan Lee created based on his two decades of practice defending clients accused of sex crimes and other special victim crimes. The steps are tailored for each case to produce successful results again and again.

Special victim crimes charges can threaten to ruin your life, and these cases often involve sensitive issues that can be difficult or uncomfortable to discuss. At the Berlin Law Firm, we're committed to protecting your privacy and dignity while providing you with the individualized and uniquely crafted criminal defense you deserve.



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