I have clients who come in all the time and ask me, “Lee, I’m guilty. Can I even be helped?”

I’ll say, “You’re guilty? Oh my God! Did you already go to trial? Did a jury already find you guilty? You’ve already gone to prison on it? Well, there is nothing I can do for you then.”

“Well, no, no, no. They just made an accusation.”

“If they just made an accusation, then you’re not guilty of anything. There’s an accusation out there.”

“Well, I did it.”

“There is a big difference between doing it and being guilty, bud.”

A lot of people know what you did. Let’s say the prosecutor knows you did it, but it doesn’t matter if they can’t prove it. You’re not guilty until they can prove it and a jury come back or a judge comes back and says you’re guilty and hands out a sentence. Until that time, you’re innocent. I know that general consensus says that once you are charged with that and they say you did this that you’re guilty until proven innocent. We’ll, you need to change that mindset. Remember, when we spoke about mindset in a previous video? That is critically important. You must change you mindset. You are innocent until proven guilty. If they cannot prove it; you are not guilty.

Lee Berlin
Dedicated to defending clients accused of domestic violence and sex crimes in Tulsa and throughout Oklahoma.