Facing Domestic Violence Charges in Oklahoma? Our Experienced Legal Team Can Help Protect Your Rights—and Your Future

Domestic violence—also known as domestic abuse, or domestic assault and battery—is a complex and nuanced issue. When people argue with those closest to them, emotions can run high, and it's not uncommon for those involved to say and do things that are out of character. Situations can escalate and, in some cases, may even turn physical. Sadly, this type of error, made in the heat of the moment, can have devastating legal ramifications.

In Oklahoma, a domestic assault and battery arrest, charge, or conviction can turn a person's entire life upside down, threatening their freedom, finances, job, reputation, and more. If you're facing a domestic assault and battery charge, Berlin Law Firm can help you safeguard your rights and future. Keep reading to learn more about domestic assault and battery in Oklahoma, the types of domestic violence cases we handle, and how our firm can help you put this difficult situation behind you.

Understanding Domestic Violence in Oklahoma

Oklahoma law defines domestic violence as “any act of physical harm or threat of imminent physical harm” that's perpetrated by an adult, emancipated minor, or minor child age 13 or older, against any of the following family or household members, or dating partners:

  • Current or former spouse
  • Present spouse of a former spouse
  • Former spouse of a present spouse
  • Parents
  • Foster parents
  • Children
  • Someone related by blood or marriage
  • Someone the defendant was dating or previously dated
  • Someone with whom the defendant had a child
  • Someone who used to live in the same house as the defendant
  • Someone currently living in the same house as the defendant

Depending on the circumstances of the domestic violence incident, defendants may be charged with:

  • Domestic assault and battery
  • Domestic abuse committed in the presence of a child
  • Domestic abuse committed against a pregnant woman
  • Domestic abuse resulting in great bodily injury
  • Domestic abuse by strangulation

In addition to charges brought by the State of Oklahoma, domestic abuse defendants may also be bound by protective orders requested by— and granted to—their accusers. In some parts of the state, these orders are known as Victim Protective Orders or VPOs.

Domestic Assault & Battery Arrests and Convictions Can Have a Devastating Impact on Your Life

There's no denying that being arrested for—or charged with—domestic violence-related offenses carries a negative social stigma, but that's hardly the only way domestic abuse charges can threaten to ruin a defendant's life. Here are just a few of the consequences commonly associated with domestic assault and battery in Oklahoma:

  • Loss of freedom. After a domestic violence arrest, arrestees are subject to a 72-hour “cool down” hold in jail. If charged, they may have the opportunity to post bond, but bonding out signals to the court that the defendant can afford a private attorney. If the defendant can't come up with one within an approximately 90-day period, they may find themselves back in jail for the duration of the trial. If convicted, defendants may face between one and 20 years in prison.
  • Loss of money. Domestic abuse charges also carry hefty fines. Depending on the specific charges and circumstances, defendants convicted of domestic violence may be expected to pay fines ranging from $3,000 to $20,000.
  • Loss of rights and privileges. A domestic abuse conviction can affect a person's ability to own a firearm. A federal law known as the Lautenberg Amendment prohibits people convicted of misdemeanor domestic violence from transporting, shipping, or receiving firearms (felons are already barred from gun ownership). This can have serious implications for hunters or people who work in professions where carrying a firearm is required.

Don't Let a Domestic Violence Charge Destroy Your Life

In domestic abuse cases, there's far too much at stake for defendants to try to handle their own legal defense. Domestic violence is a predicate offense, which means that, while the first offense might be a misdemeanor, subsequent offenses are charged as felonies and carry even stiffer penalties. Don't get caught in a cycle that could ruin your life. At Berlin Law Firm, we understand that even good people can make bad mistakes—and we're here to help. Contact us today to schedule an appointment for a private consultation.

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I'm from Tulsa Oklahoma. I've never been in the system nor have I ever been in any amount of trouble dealing with the law in my life. This past year I got involved in a very violent relationship and the abuser ran and cried wolf and made me out to be this domestically violent human being. Never in my life have I ever been violent enough to bring harm or take anyone's life. Lee Berlin he saw that in me and he saw the monster in my life the cloud that was enabling me from living. He worked with me fully he made sure I knew every aspect of my case. If I didn't know the answer he had it for me every time. If I didn't understand the case he would break it down and make it to where I could understand where my life could end up. He put his all into my case made me feel like the only possible outcome was a victory. That's exactly what happen. Even when the door closed and I felt like it was over. He found the keys to those doors and made them easier to open. He works hard for his clients it's worth every penny. I wouldn't call on no other person if I ever find myself in a bad predicament again. He took my case as serious as any big trail. He is serious the real deal. Makes you feel confident as he is when he enters the court room. He rubs off very well when I felt like all was lost I looked to my lawyer and he had the strongest look on his face and it wasn't a look of defeat. So if anyone out there is looking to not only win but gain your life back. I wouldn't recommend any other lawyer other than lee Berlin....Thanks for giving me my life back
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