Lee Berlin exhibits professionalism and is not arrogant and haughty.

When searching for a lawyer to represent my 82 year old brother for molestation charges, I turned to Google and said a prayer for guidance.  Right away Mr. Berlin's web site appeared.  I read his bio and reviews and knew I had been sent to the right place.  We got an appointment the same day and went to consult with him.  We had not a clue what we were doing or how to proceed but after talking with him we decided to retain his services.  This is the first time in our long lives that either of us has had the need for legal representation for a charge.  During our initial first consultation, Mr. Berlin was honest, non-judgmental and told us he would represent us to the best of his ability.  I believe he will be great!  This young man exhibits professionalism when he appears.  He is not arrogant and haughty as some lawyers seem to be.  This case is just beginning but I am pleased that Mr. Berlin is our attorney.Ruth