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Sofia Puentes

Sofia Puentes

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I come from a small tight knit family of four.  My only sibling is my older brother who was a wonderful role model for me.  Growing up, we had to make our own fun considering that we were a blue-collar family.  My brother and I would be sent to my grandma’s house during the weekdays while our parents worked.  All of our cousins would get together and play spies, my brother being the smart and creative one would make all the gadgets.  Looking back, I can’t believe that his gadgets actually worked.

As I got older, I definitely learned from my mother’s nurturing ways and always cared for my brother. This is funny because he was the older one, and I am pretty sure he saw it as me being sassy and bossy.  From what I remember, I took care of him and defended him at all costs.  This has always been the case and will always be the case.

Later in life, education and school became a top priority.  This is when I discovered the love for volleyball and extracurricular activities.  School gave me the opportunity to participate in different clubs which opened up an interest in culture and community service.  Through my participation in Key Club, I had one of my first experiences volunteering at an animal shelter and I instantly fell in love.  I couldn’t help but try and rescue all the animals that I could find and bring them home to love and take care.  I can still hear my mother asking me if I was opening an animal shelter for our neighborhood.  Although I didn’t actually open an animal shelter, I would rescue strays and post them on my social media outlets to find them a home.  I remember the first stray I rescued, it was a kitten that I found at a McDonalds drive thru and named him Chicken Nugget.

I still spend my time volunteering at animal shelters on weekends.  It is these weekends that I enjoy the most by just being able to hang out with my friend and family.

When my world was not revolving around rescuing stray animals, I spent most summers with my friends on a boat or near a swimming pool.  Some of my fondest memories are from the Sundays we shared growing up and everyone meeting at church for the morning service and afterwards having brunch together.

To this day we have carried on that family tradition of gathering at church and having brunch together then just relaxing before facing another week.  I find that the only thing that has changed to our routine is that now each Sunday I also look forward to another great day at the Berlin Law Firm the next day.  It’s incredible to be part of such a great family.  Being able to work next to amazing people who dedicate their lives to giving people that second chance through representation make this work so fulfilling.