Meet Intern Jared Cannon

Jared Cannon

Jared Cannon

Legal Intern
  • Berlin Law Firm, PLLC
  • 8516 E. 101st Street, STE A Tulsa, OK 74133
  • 918-384-0850

I come from a large traditional farming family in Central Florida. In fact, some of my fondest memories are going hunting with my father and working with my grandfather in planting his watermelon and cantaloupe crops over summer breaks. My father is my hero. A man who always does what he says, makes sacrifices to keep his word, and never breaks confidence. He is the type of man that takes his priorities seriously, and I live my life by his example. I also have always had a special connection with my mother, who is a minister. I can remember the little church she had when I was a child. In all honesty, I spent more time climbing the trees out back than listening to the sermons, but faith has always been a strong foundation on my journey.

Before my academic career, I built cabinets and I was a farm laborer for my uncles’ farms, Cannon Brothers and Cannon & Sons respectively. It’s safe to say I’ve seen my fair share of watermelons, peanuts, hay, and sunny days. These experiences really fueled my continued love for the outdoors, and as my academic career progressed from Central Florida to North West Florida, photography became a serious hobby for me. I like to think that I can find beauty in every moment. I spent all my free time laying on Pensacola Beach and having the privilege of exploring more private locations.  Some of my favorite photos captured are from a private beach called Fort Pickens.

I have also had a strong support system of mentors from very diverse backgrounds, something that has stuck with me today. From my first mentor, a Nigerian Professor Dr. Anene, who recognized something special in me, to the men and women of Rotary International who have consistently supported me as family. 

When I chose to come to Tulsa to study Law, I knew in my heart that I had made the right decision. I instantly fell in love with the place, surrounded by lush green hills, a burgeoning metropolis which will only continue to grow.  My favorite place is riverside drive. I am an unabashed adrenaline junky. My love of skateboarding and longboarding around the University of West Florida campus was a serious addiction, but now I prefer my two 24” BMX track bikes. I love to ride on the pump tracks at the Gathering Place and do the Turkey Mountain run around riverside. I often surprise the road bike riders when I pass them on my bikes, because I can maintain between 14-20 mph with 1 gear. I have also continued to photograph the astounding beauty I have found here.