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Kyle Killam

Kyle Killam

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I missed being born in Oklahoma by a few months as my family relocated from Tulsa to Huntsville, Alabama, to be at the Marshall Space Flight Center.  My father worked as an aeronautical engineer and growing up I thought everyone worked in or was around the space program. Some of my earliest memories are listening to the Saturn V booster engine tests or walking around the different Apollo and Skylab program projects. Following my parents’ divorce, my time was split between living in New Orleans and Huntsville. Its very a unique experience growing up in the Deep South with parents from New England. 

I have to say that it was my experiences as a military police officer in the U.S. Army that paved my interest in going to law school. Even more so, those experiences inspired me to work in criminal defense. Both in the military and upon admission to the Oklahoma Bar, you are required to take an oath wherein you state that you will “, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States..,” and both oaths struck a chord with me in that it is more important to protect an individual’s rights than it is to try and take them away.  

When I am not working, I like to enjoy several activities that keep me centered and get me out of my mind and hyper-focused on what’s in front of me at the moment. Reading is one such activity. I enjoy reading either non-fiction or historical fiction. My favorite author would probably be C.S. Forester. I like his historical fiction because it is centered around life and military actions during the Napoleonic era. If you ever want to get me talking, ask about the Battle of New Orleans.

Another favorite activity is shooting.  There is nothing more therapeutic than when shooting a rifle or pistol.  I enjoy this activity mainly because of all the variables involved when trying to make a precision shot.  Bullet weight, drop, velocity, windage, distance, caliber, etc.., all affect the accuracy of a shot taken.  As in golf, you are not really competing against others, but competing against yourself to make that accurate shot. 

I have to admit though, my favorite activity is cooking; hey, we all have to eat, right?  It is also something that I have been told that I excel at.  One of my favorite things is to have groups of people over and make a unique meal or finding interesting new restaurants.  I enjoy cooking Italian and Thai style dishes or finding a new recipe. It’s the attention to the details, the smells, and the tastes that focus the mind on creating something for others to enjoy that draws me back to this activity. 

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