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Tulsa Sex Crime Attorney

A sex crime is a serious offense, which can have severe consequences legally. Depending on the sex crime, you are susceptible to a variety of punishments for the crime that you are being accused of. You will be looking at jail time - the amount can differ depending on the crime and that which is involved in the case, as well as a financial penalty. In order to combat charges made against you, you require an attorney who can efficiently and powerfully defend you, without judging you.

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As a Tulsa sex crime attorney, I understand how the accusation of a sex crime can affect you. I have been in practice for 15 years, with a range of favorable results in my defense cases. So you can trust that my firm has the legal experience that is necessary to manage your case. I specifically manage criminal defense sex related cases, and with my prior prosecution background, you can be assured that I will able to approach your case from every angle. I am able to provide criminal defense to a range of sex related crimes.

  • Recently, I was named to The National Trial Lawyers: Top 100, an invitation-only association that comprises only a select few attorneys who meet the group's stringent qualifications. Inclusion in the Top 100 list is based on an extensive process of peer nominations and third-party research, and it is among the most sought-after recognitions in the legal profession.
  • I am also a proud graduate of the prestigious National Criminal Defense College, a distinction that few in the Oklahoma legal community can claim.
  • I have furthermore been honored with a 10.0 "Superb" score on attorney rating website Avvo.

Defense for Sex Crime Allegations in Oklahoma

Allegations of nonconsensual sexual intercourse are severe with serious legal consequences- a person who is found guilty of rape can receive prison time and a financial penalty, depending on if it was first or second degree rape. Rape can be in the form of spousal rape, when one party in a marriage has sexual intercourse with the other individual against their will, and date rape, when an individual is forced to have sex against their will with an individual who they know and may have been on a date with. If an individual has sexual intercourse with someone that is younger than 14, referred to as sex with a minor, they will be charged with rape.

While all sex-related crimes are taken seriously, should they involve a minor in any capacity, they are punished even more severely. For example, the solicitation of a minor, regardless of whether it was committed through the Internet or other means, could be tried as a felony. Similarly, charges of child pornography, from possession to distribution, could result in a person being sentenced to life in prison.

In Oklahoma, cases that have to do with an individual harming another individual have severe legal punishments for the crime. If an individual commits child abuse, they are looking at a felony charge and the possibility of life spent in incarceration. Sexually harming an individual in the form of sexual assault is considered a felony with legal consequences, as is molestation. If an individual has been indicated in a sex crime it is obligatory for the party to register as a sex offender. If they do not comply with the laws regarding sex offender registration they are likely to face a financial and incarceration penalty.

The act of receiving money for sexual intercourse, or prostitution, can be penalized financially, and someone indicted of that crime can possibly face incarceration. Inappropriate acts such as indecent exposure can be presented with heavy penalties. If someone is wrongly accused of a crime that they didn't commit, they are in the midst of a false accusation case. The individual that made the false claim can be penalized if indicted.

Each of these crimes can be serious offenses, with severe punishments. In order to reach a verdict, you require the service of a criminal defense attorney that won't be pushed over - and that is me. I can present you with the legal aid that is necessary for your case, and I am determined to being a resilient advocate for my clients, with the commitment to reaching a verdict. I am aware of the implications and legal consequences of the crimes in which I defend, so you can be assured that I will be a knowledgeable assistance.

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I understand the implications that a sex crime charge presents. If you or a loved one has been accused or taken into custody for a sex related crime in Tulsa, you need to hire a defense attorney this instant. The further you hold off on hiring a defense attorney; the least likely you are to receive the results and verdict you desire. I want to give you the legal defense that your case requires, but in order to do that, you need to contact me now. I am committed to helping you with the charges that you are facing. You can trust that I won't place any stigma upon you, but will be your advocate. Don't wait to contact me today.