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Tulsa Sex Crime Attorney

A sex crime is the most serious of offenses a person can face in the criminal justice system. These charges have severe legal consequences. Depending on the charge, you are facing a variety of punishments including prison with sentences up to life, sex offender registration, and significant financial penalties. In order to combat the serious charges you now or may face, you must demand an attorney who can effectively and intelligently defend you.

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Are any of these scenarios similar to yours?

  1. You just found out someone, maybe a family member, accused you of committing a sex crime or hurting a child. Child Abuse or Child Sexual Abuse, Lewd Molestation
  2. The police just showed up at your door or place of work and want to talk with you about some serious allegations. Date Rape, Rape, or Sexual Battery
  3. You were arrested and bonded out of jail and have been given a court date. You just came from your first court date, and the charges weren’t dismissed.
  4. You hired another lawyer, a cheaper lawyer, a lawyer a friend recommended, and you have lost confidence in their abilities or now have the case set for trial and you want someone who focuses their practice on just what you are facing. Real Trial Lawyer
  5. You don’t remember much about the night, but you think maybe you did something that could result in charges. Indecent exposure, Forcible Sodomy, or Prostitution
  6. You just sent an email or text message that was sexual in nature to someone you know you shouldn’t have. Solicitation of a Minor, Internet Sex Crimes
  7. The police or maybe the FBI want to talk to you about a Peer-to-Peer network you were on. Child Pornography, Distribution of Child Pornography, Aggravated Possession
  8. You upset a friend or family member so much they have lied about you to police. False Accusations
  9. You know what you did was wrong, you have been caught, and you do not want to go to prison. Lewd Molestation, Rape, Forcible Sodomy, 2nd degree Rape

It doesn’t matter which one of these situations most closely matches you, because each and every one will turn your life upside down. Everything you know, your reality, your plans, your future, your family, your job, your children, your reputation, your savings, and your freedom are all in jeopardy. The fear can paralyze you, and at the least it can sap every bit of enjoyment out of your life. Your health may start to suffer if it hasn’t already, you can’t eat, you can’t sleep, the depression and anxiety is affecting every part of your life, you feel like an elephant is sitting on your chest, and your mind won’t stop racing. The confusion and uncertainty can be overwhelming at times.

You just want this to all go away, to wake up and it all to have been just a terrible and vivid nightmare. You don’t want to go to prison, you want and deserve a second chance. That terrible accusation, that isn’t who you are. You need your life back, you can’t lose your job. Maybe you made one mistake in judgment, you don’t deserve to go to prison, other than that, you are a good person. You want that lying SOB charged with filing a false police report. Ultimately, you need your life back, because it has been stolen from you.

You must start on your defense immediately. The cost of inaction is much to high a price to pay with these charges. I understand the obstacles to picking up the phone and calling are significant. Whether its money, embarrassment, misunderstanding of the law, fear, anger, a belief that you can take care of this with self-help, or simply just not wanting to face the reality of the situation; each of these obstacles are real to you.

This is the legal subject matter I deal with every single day. Knowing that some of my clients have been hesitant to call right away, I have prepared a number of guides, a book, and a number of web pages just dedicated to helping you get educated about your challenges. Click on the tabs to the right to access individual pages dealing specifically with the crime or charge you are facing. Each one of those pages should give you a basic overview of the charge, the statute and Jury Instructions for the charge, and the range of punishment.

From time to time, I will post additional Motions and White Papers on the subjects. I would recommend you immediately download and read the Top 10 Ways You Are Killing Your Case and 3 Tips in 3 Minutes and What Do I Need to Know About Bonds immediately.

Once you are ready to speak with me or any other lawyer, get your hands on the Top 10 Questions to Ask Every Lawyer, What Happens When I Meet My Lawyer, Client Intake Packet, and Sample Fee Agreement.

For a general overview of sex crimes read over Defending the Nightmare. It is a “book” taken from a series of interviews and is written in the spoken word and should be easy to digest. Also of interest to many people that are new to the legal system the Top 3 FAQs handout, Felony Case Timeline, What the Heck Do These Words Mean, and the Anatomy of a Felony Case downloads.

If any of these links don’t take you where you want to go, every can be accessed through the free downloads page. Just put in your name and email address and each ebook and report will be emailed to you.