Crimes Against Children Defense Testimonials From Our Clients

When you’re facing criminal charges or investigation for a crime against a child, your top priority is clearing your name and being able to move forward with your life. At Berlin Law Firm, attorney Lee F. Berlin has successfully helped others in your position do just that. Read about those results here.

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  • Shared information with me about how to protect my children in our world today.

    He’s an honest man with integrity and spirit. He shared information with me about how to protect my children in our world today. If I ever need an attorney for criminal or matters relating to children, I will call Lee. Without hesitation.

    Gretchen D.
  • Very upfront and super supportive

    Lee was very upfront and has been super supportive through the process and has worked with me as we continue to work together.

    Anonymous - Client
  • Very caring for the people that he protects.

    My wife and I have been completely satisfied and at ease knowing that Lee Berlin is my defense up against the opposing prosecutor.  He is very knowledgeable and very caring for the people that he protects.  He provides me with the peace that's needed during this time in my life.

    Joseph - Client
  • Lee let me know up front that my case would be tough.

    Lee answered all of my questions, let me know my case would be tough but he would do the best he could. He spent his time discussing every part of my case.

  • Intelligent, focused and caring attorney

    I traveled 2.5 hours to meet with Lee Berlin. I was helped by not only Lee but also his office manager. Upon my first impression of Lee. He is an intelligent, focused and caring attorney. His attention is solely on you and what he can possibly do to help. He is a very straight to the point type of person. Which in my case is just what is needed.I would highly recommend Lee Berlin to anyone who is having any sexual oriented type of case.

    Rosanna H.
  • Lee gave me Security in my life.

    From the first meeting with Lee it was very evident he was intelligent, bright, and knowledgeable about how the process of the court is and what the next steps needed to take place in my case. Trusting Lee and hiring him has given me the freedom from anxiety and fear that I needed so! I have great confidence in him and would recommend anyone to him who has been charged with this kind of crime.

    Former Client
  • He is an amazing lawyer and very, very good at what he does.

    I am no career criminal but I stupidly made a mistake and got myself into one huge mess. The amount of stress I caused for my family was enormous but Lee came in and put all of our minds at ease. He pulled me out of a very dark hole. Where I was at at the beginning of this ordeal to where I am now is night and day. There is light and hope for my family and future. He is an amazing lawyer and very, very good at what he does. Lee saved my life.