You Need an Experienced SexCrimes Defense Attorney If You Are Charged With Sexual Battery

Any attack against an unwilling individual that involves sexual intent or aggression is considered sexual assault. Most sexual assault charges are also paired with attempted rape accusations, which can cause the potential penalties to escalate. There are, however, nonviolent acts that can be considered sexual assault in Oklahoma, such as the act of sodomy. To avoid the vast legal repercussions of a sexual assault conviction, contact Tulsa sex crimes attorney Lee F. Berlin today to discuss your case and decide upon a proper course of action.

Consequences of a Conviction Can Continue Long After You Complete Your Sentence

Oklahoma law states that the penalty for sexual assault begins at a 30 days of incarceration and a $500 financial penalty. As sexual assault is a somewhat general term for a multitude of sex crimes, the punishments you could be facing if convicted are actually likely to be much more severe than the standard penalties. Much like most sex crime convictions, you will also likely have to register as a sex offender, which can destroy your reputation and cause you to lose your job.

Are You in Need of a Tulsa Sex Crimes Defense Attorney? Contact Lee F. Berlin!

The worst mistake you can make after being accused of sexual assault is to go into court unprepared and unrepresented. Proving your innocence will hinge on the thoroughness of your case and the strength of your evidence. From dismantling the prosecution’s claims with irrefutable logic to powerful cross-examinations, I am able to defend your rights and protect your future in any sex crimes case.

When you come to my firm for help, you will be backed by a legal team that has earned numerous accolades, such as:

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To further assist my clients, both current and potential, I offer free copies of my book—Defending the Nightmare: Sex Crime Charges in Oklahoma—for digital download. It is my hope that you will be able to find some useful information within its pages that help instill you with hope and confidence. Let me work with you and together we can start fighting for your future.

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