Meet Sonya Garrison

Sonya Garrison

Sonya Garrison

Office Manager
  • Berlin Law Firm, PLLC
  • 8516 E. 101st Street, STE A Tulsa, OK 74133
  • 918-384-0850

I enjoy moonlight strolls on the beach, purple roses by the bundle and line dancing.  

Just kidding!  I’m not a fan of any of those things, except the roses part, I am a huge fan of purple roses.  

Growing up as the youngest of six children I had no option but to gain a sense of humor.  In the mid-1970s, there was an all-time favorite sitcom show called “The Brady Bunch”.  That is how I relate to my family.  Three boys, three girls but instead of a maid named Alice we had an aunt named Shirley.  I was the baby of the family and like the baby of the television Brady Bunch family, my mother would style my hair in twelve finger curls that circled my head.  One of my earliest memories is walking to school with my older siblings in front of me while I wrapped my little hands around those curls pulling downwards and praying under my breath that by the time I reached the playground somehow my hair would magically be straight.  Spoiler alert…it never was.  To this day, I am still fighting those curls.

I am a southern girl through and through with a mildly deep accent to go with it.  I use words like darling, honey, and sweetie as forms of respect. I have spent most of my life here in Tulsa and went to Jenks until my sophomore year in high school when my parents decided that we needed a little more country in our lives and moved us to a small home on a few acres just outside of Beggs, Oklahoma. Growing up in the Tulsa area has been wonderful and I simply could not imagine anywhere else being home.

When not working I am spending my time with my best friend and husband, Wayne.  Wayne spent the majority of his life in Bristow, Oklahoma. Not only was he a firefighter and all-round good ole’ boy but also a cowboy.  If not on a horse roping he was in the hay field.  Like all southern girls, I fell head over heels as soon as I saw him on a tractor.   Twenty-four years later, you will still find him each summer somewhere on a tractor with me helping when time allows.  When not farming we enjoy football, well Wayne enjoys football.  I enjoy shopping during football.  I have recently discovered that I tend to yell at the TV during a football game and have realized that the referee simply ignores me. Come to think of it, I think Wayne enjoys me shopping during football season as well.

Carrying on the family tradition, Wayne and I have created our own Brady Bunch plus one.  7 children, 3 boys and 4 girls who have blessed us with a multitude of grandchildren.  I simply love being a Nana.  We don’t travel much but when we do we head straight for those grandbabies.  Our oldest grandson reminds me of the character Sheldon from the television show The Big Bang Theory.  Our youngest is a precious angel named of course after her Nana, hence why she is an angel.   

Then we have Charles Henry Garrison Junior lovingly referred to as “Henry”, our miniature dachshund who, if truth be told, is actually the baby of the family and a daily joy to come home to.  He is totally spoiled and loving every single minute of it.  Here is a secret; Henry has no idea that he is, in fact, a dog.  I simply cannot bring myself to tell him. Both Wayne and I can’t help but smile at the mention of his name. Henry has his own personality and has his dad totally wrapped around his little paw. Our family album actually consists mainly of pictures of Henry in Wayne’s arms because that is usually where you will always find him.

When not in the hay field or watching football, I enjoy reading, writing, movies and music. My favorite book is Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austin.  My favorite movie is Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austin, beginning to see a pattern here?  I enjoy nearly all music, but my favorite is musicals. 

Two of my fondest memories as a child growing up in the Tulsa area is when I was introduced to musicals and the opera at a young age.  The very first opera I attended was right here in downtown Tulsa at the age of 12, I was mesmerized the entire time.  The first musical I attended was Annie. I have had the privilege of visiting Manhattan, New York several times and each time I hit a Broadway show.  My favorite Broadway musical is Phantom of the Opera.  My favorite Opera is Les Miserables. 

From a young age, I have always been interested in law.  My first job in a law firm was right out of high school in which I worked for a small firm off Skelly Drive.  I was 19 years of age and hooked.  33 years later, I am still doing what I love. Working for the Berlin Law Firm to me is as natural as being home. Over the past 33 years, I have had the opportunity to experience and gain knowledge in many facets of the law. I find it rewarding, ever-changing and never boring. No one has a perfect life and we all have struggles whether hidden or exposed. That is what makes us human. The biggest reward of being part of this firm is the fact that I meet a lot of wonderful people and become part of their life for a brief period of time.