Meet Paralegal Cyndie Wood

Cyndie Wood

Cyndie Wood

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I am an Oklahoma native who spent the younger part of my life right here in Tulsa.  I met my best friend and soul mate Bryan in high school and have been married for 35 years.  

My husband Bryan recently retired as a Fire Chief here in Bixby and we are beginning the next phase of our journey. It is so exciting to finally reach the age where everything you worked for becomes reality.  We recently purchased 22 acres of land where we intend to focus on building our family dream.

We have two of the most amazing children that anyone could ask for.  Following in his father’s footsteps, our son Zac is a Tulsa firefighter and our daughter April is a full-time mother, teacher’s aide and a high school cheerleading coach.  We have been blessed with four angels who most would refer to as grandchildren and they are truly our whole world.   

Bryan and I are huge fans of camping, which is lovingly referred to as “glamping” by our grandchildren because we must have all the luxuries of home.  When not on the water, you will find the family on a beach or in the mountains skiing.  We are an adventurous family that truly enjoys discovering life together and making memories for years to come.

The latest member of our family is our dog, Sir Oliver, a shih-tzu and the master of our abode.  He is to say the least, full of energy and a joy to come home to at the end of the day.

When not in the throes of grand parenting or family trips, I can be found working outside in my yard or totally remodeling and decorating any given room of our home.  I am a total fan of watching home improvement shows and keeping up with the latest trends. 

I have been so blessed over the past 18 years doing what I love.  Like all of the members of the Berlin Law Firm, I have a passion for serving others and am dedicated to making people’s lives better in difficult times. Every client I meet becomes such an important part of my role with the firm.  I enjoy building client relationships and getting to know each client as we work together for the best outcome of their case.  The greatest benefit of my job is working with a team who are experts in our chosen field.  The Berlin Law Firm provides value and quality service that is unmatched by any other firm.