Meet Marketing Assistant Kipp Jones

Kipp Jones

Kipp Jones

Marketing Assistant
  • Berlin Law Firm, PLLC
  • 8516 E. 101st Street, STE A Tulsa, OK 74133
  • 918-384-0850

Raised in Green Country with time spent living in both Texas and Nevada, I am a fifth generation Okie with a passion for all things Oklahoma.

I went to Northeastern State University in Tahlequah and originally began my professional career in media. I spent many years enjoying publishing, radio and TV before discovering a passion for the criminal justice system. I worked as a licensed private investigator while continuing my education, and now I am proud to be using skills I have acquired over the years to help people in need, anyway that I can.

In my free time, I am generally with my three children and my wife, who is the director of rehabilitation at a great company and also a practicing therapist for people in need of occupational therapy. My children range from age two to seven, so I am a busy guy, to say the least.

I also have a a Shih Tzu named Barbara and a Poodle-Shih Tzu mix named Howard Hughes (he’s a bit eccentric).

My first job was pouring concrete while in junior high at a company in Broken Arrow. To this day, I drive through parts of the Tulsa area and I can’t help but look at curbs and sidewalks that I helped to build. It is a sense of great pride for me.

In my free time, I enjoy woodworking, college football, poker, music (mostly classic rock), classic films, creative writing, taking my son fishing, trading stocks and teaching myself new skills. I also have a passion for genealogy and have been an amateur World War II historian for 23 years. 

Favorite thing: Fatherhood

Guilty pleasure: Xbox Live with my childhood friends 

It is an honor to watch the expert attorneys and support staff at the Berlin Law Firm work to provide quality service to clients.